Bring your idea to life. Photographs aren’t always the right medium for every project. Custom illustration lets you shake off the constrains of photography and start from scratch to bring your vision to life. Our skilled illustrators work with you in stages to successfully depict your conceptual idea. We carefully listen to your feedback to ensure we completely meet and exceed your expectations. Possible projects:

  • Logos
  • Websites
  • Print Items
  • Snipes
  • Product Support

Logo Design

A distinct and effective logo encapsulates a brand without having to say much at all. Logos are everywhere. They litter every sign and billboard and can be found on print materials galore. While many, through poor design or implementation, fail to make lasting impressions; some logos emerge to become synonymous with the companies they represent; instantly recognizable to anyone who sees them. A logo is the cornerstone of an effective visual identity. A logo created with careful intention and paired with broad and effective marketing evokes more than cognitive recognition of the company it belongs to. It immediately calls to mind every impression, emotion, and experience a person has had in relation to the company.

At Brandetour, we can help you with:

  • Logo Design
  • Logo Refreshing or Re-purposing

We have vast experience in working with clients to design logos that encompass the whole of their business. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing logo you would like to improve on, we will create a logo that won’t get lost in the endless sea of mediocre design, but will set your business apart from the rest.


Make sure your words convey the power and passion behind your business with our copywriting skills. Whether it is the main content of your website or the label on a product, words are powerful. They can enhance or detract from your message. Clearly written, grammatically correct, and compelling body copy show your business’s professionalism and knowledge. We understand that some products and services are multifaceted, thus requiring lengthy detail. We take the time to understand your message and conduct our own research. We then write and revise as much or as little copy as needed to fully convey your message and promote your brand. Brandetour has extensive experience and we are passionate about expressing your brand’s messages and goals through writing.


Captivate your audience with stunning photographs. The perfect photo can be difficult to find, but vital to your marketing campaign. An otherwise sophisticated design can be dragged down by poorly taken or edited photos. Let us capture it for you. We shoot our photos with your design in mind. We also offer post production services including photo restoration, retouching, color correction, and image isolation.

Specific types include:

  • Headshots & Portraits
  • Nature and Landscape
  • Corporate
  • Directories
  • Product Shots
  • Black & White
  • Locations
  • Events
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